Finding my Lane

Today is Day 28 of my Happiness Hacks series.

Finding my LaneAs I get closer to the end of this series, I’m needing to dig a bit deeper to find my daily hack. Many of the practices I’ve written about, like going for a run, hugging, reading, walking my dog, and getting things done, I do just about every day.

Coming up with new hacks has become a good challenge (and a happiness hack in itself!). I think to myself, “What am I going to do to boost my mood today?” And then I have to do it (and write about it).

Today’s hack was a bit of introspection about who I am, what I love, and where I’m going.

I was going to write “retail therapy” as today’s hack, but because I know research shows that purchasing something new provides just a momentary blip of happiness and no lasting gains, I knew that wasn’t a very meaningful topic.

But as I looked at what my purchase was, I was provided a clue about today’s hack.

Journals & PensAt a recent conference, I heard a speaker tell a story about how she found her current career, the one where she feels in her “sweet spot.” She described doing some different jobs that she enjoyed and that were on the right track, but that weren’t exactly in her lane.

I’m reminded of the concept of “flow” and how it’s the feeling we get when we’re doing something we’re so absorbed in that we lose track of time. We feel challenged and engaged in an area that we’re really interested in. And while no one can expect to feel in “flow” all the time, I’ve been experiencing quite a bit lately as I explore new ways to use what I’ve learned through my education (formal and informal) and my experiences as a camp director and mom.

About four years ago, I started this blog and found myself really enjoying writing about camp, parenting, friendship, and living life well. Over the past year, I’ve also started doing online and live workshops with parents. Even more recently (as in a few weeks ago), I’ve learned how to record and publish podcasts.

By dabbling in these creative pursuits that use some of my strengths and also require me to learn some new skills, I’m feeling closer and closer to the center of my lane.

The joyful blip I got today over the purchase of a journal set and some fresh pens were both a clue and a reminder to stay on track.

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