Plan a Trip

Today is Day 11 of my Happiness Hacks series.

Plan a TripToday’s happiness hack was finalizing plans for a trip with two of my best college friends. We’re meeting in early December to celebrate a “significant” birthday milestone we’re all reaching over the next year.

We’ve been emailing back and forth for about a month to figure out the dates and the location. Each email exchange with these friends has provided a mini happiness boost. Connecting with them, after being woefully out of touch, is such a great feeling.

Did you know that planning and anticipating a trip is half (or more) of the fun? “A Dutch study that examined happiness levels before, during, and after a vacation found that the largest spike in happiness came before the trip.” The Culture-ist

Now I get to anticipate the fun of our time together over the next few months. Each time I see the dates marked off on my calendar, I know it will make me smile.

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