Send a Card

Today is Day 6 of my Happiness Hacks series.

Send a Card - Happiness Hack #6In yesterday’s mail, I received a hand written card from one of my best friends, Karen. It’s not my birthday or any other special occasion, and she lives nearby.  The fact that she didn’t have a reason to write, other than letting me know how she feels about me, made receiving the card extra special.

img_9437Receiving, opening, and reading the card my friend took time to write, address, stamp, and mail to me made my day. Seriously.

She was thinking about me and reached out to share her love and friendship, just because. What a gift!

So, of course, for today’s happiness hack, I am copying Karen and writing and sending a “real” card. Because it feels great to receive a card, but also the simple act of writing a note, card, or letter, especially if it expresses gratitude for the person, is something that not only brings the recipient a happiness boost, but also the writer!

Have a happy day!

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