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Ep. 166: The Parent Compass

Show notes & links. Check out Audrey’s book, HAPPY CAMPERS. Join my PATREON squad for special perks, including bonus podcast episodes, exclusive posts, and resources.  Subscribe to Sunshine Parenting email updates for free resources and ideas for happier, more connected families. Register for the Parenting in Place Masterclass Series. Links The Parent Compass: Navigating Your…


Ep. 79: Thoughts on the College Admissions Scandal

In this episode, Sara and I are chatting with Pam Roy, who offers research-based and important information for parents about education and career planning. We talk about how the world we’re working in has changed and evolved since we were in college and how to position our kids for a successful future. This episode was…


College Touring 101

2018 Update: We’re back on the college touring scene once again — 4th time around in our family! Our 11th grade son is starting the college search process. He’s looking at a few of the large, public universities outside of California (where we live). Given this recent article, it appears looking outside of California is…