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Ep. 176: Summer Camp & COVID with Dr. Heather Silverberg

Sunshine Parenting host Audrey “Sunshine” Monke & pediatrician (and camp doctor) Dr. Heather Silverberg talk about how COVID is impacting kids this summer at camp. Want encouragement & simple strategies for raising thriving future adults? Check out Audrey’s book, HAPPY CAMPERS: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults. Happy Campers on…


Ep. 160: Cranky Young Adults Stuck in the COVID Vortex

Check out Sara & Audrey’s Raise Thriving Kids Course! Join the Sunshine Parenting PATREON squad for bonus perks, including bonus podcast episodes and exclusive posts and resources! Join Audrey’s email subscriber community for resources and ideas for happier, more connected families.  This week on the podcast, Sara Kuljis and I talk about the challenges of…


Ep. 147: One Family’s Experience with COVID

SHOW NOTES This week I’m talking with my friend Jill Stribling. Jill’s family has first-hand experience with COVID-19. If you’re a longtime listener, you may remember my chat with Jill back in Ep. 35 about her decision to unplug her family, including her 10-year-old son, whose behavior around screens had started to concern her. About…