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Ep. 48: Common Sense Media with Reid Broudy

Something I always talk about is the parent child relationship. It is so important, especially at this age. Reid Broudy Reid Broudy is a rising senior who attends Wildwood School in Los Angeles. Reid has been coming to Gold Arrow Camp since 2014 and recently completed the Junior Counselor program. His camp nickname is REX.…


Ep. 19: Being a “Tech Positive” Parent with Devorah Heitner

Earlier this year, I devoured Devorah Heitner’s book Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World during a single plane trip. Heitner’s insights changed my previously (and very opinionated) negative view of my kids’ screen use. I highly recommend all parents read Screenwise, as the book provides new insights into our kids’ digital world and helps parents…