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Ep. 152: Putting on Your COVID Mask First

SHOW NOTES In this episode, I’m chatting with my friend and camp professional colleague, Sara Kuljis. Sara has been a regular guest on the podcast (links to our other episodes below). This is the first of a two-part series to help parents prepare for the fall now that we know that our life – and…


Advice from an Aussie during “Iso for the Rona”

Hi SP Friends, I absolutely love receiving emails from Sunshine Parenting Podcast listeners with feedback, ideas, and questions. This email came in from Vicki, who is a chiropractor who specializes in treating patients for the physical effects of stress. Vicki lives in Melbourne,  Australia, with her husband and three children. If you’ve heard my phrase,…


Ep. 103: How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids

In Episode 103, I’m chatting with Carla Naumburg, a writer, speaker, clinical social worker, and parenting coach. She’s the author of three parenting books, including the one that we discuss in this podcast episode, How To Stop Losing Your S*** With Your Kids: A practical guide to becoming a calmer, happier parent. BIG IDEAS Mindful…