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Ep. 55: Raising Kids who Love to Read with Anne Driscoll

In Episode 55, I’m chatting with Anne Driscoll, owner of Branches Books & Gifts in Oakhurst, California. We talk all things books, including: Reading Levels Getting the parent and the child on the same when choosing books. Getting the right books in the hands of each child. The pros and cons of the reading level […]

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Helpful Books for Raising Daughters

I wish these books had been available when my girls were younger, but they’re here now. I’ve learned from these books what it’s like to be a girl growing up in the 2010s. This is a hard time to be a girl. Our girls feel expectations to be perfect in all areas – appearance, academics, […]

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Ep. 53: Four Ways to Help Your Child Succeed at School

In Episode 53, I’m chatting with my oldest daughter and favorite high school English teacher, Gretchen Monke. She has done a terrific job of connecting with her students and has some excellent insights on how parents can partner with teachers to help kids succeed at school. We discuss four ways to help your child succeed […]

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The Magic Relationship Ratio

I recorded this month’s One Simple Thing during a retreat this weekend at 1440 Multiversity I attended with my daughter, Gretchen (see video below or on Facebook). We were at Shasta Nelson‘s Frientimacy seminar where we focused on learning about the crisis of loneliness and how to develop closer friendships and help others develop them, too. I […]

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Ep. 51: Raising Kids’ Self-Esteem with Dr. Jim Sears

“Chores give children a sense of purpose and accomplishment.” -Dr. Jim Sears In Episode 51, I’m chatting with my long-time friend and camp colleague, Dr. Jim Sears. I’ve known him as Camp Doctor  “Bones” for the past 14 years, but he is better known by his patients at his family’s pediatric practice as “Dr. Jim.” […]

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Ep. 50: How to be a Happier Parent with K.J. Dell’Antonia

In Episode 50, I chat with K.J. Dell’Antonia, author of How to be a Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life, and Loving (Almost) Every Minute. From KJ’s website: I believe each of us is responsible for our own happiness. I believe happier parents are better parents, and better people. I believe family should […]

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Ep. 49: Changing the Odds with Michelle Kinder

In Episode 49, I’m chatting with Michelle Kinder, Executive Director of the Momentous Institute in Dallas, Texas. Michelle has worked in the field of children’s mental health for more than 20 years and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and the University of Texas with […]

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More of, Less of, Same of (MO, LO, SO)

This is my August installment of my One Simple Thing tip for having a happier and more connected family. Each month this year, I’ve been sharing something I’ve learned from my years at camp that families can try at home to create some of the fun, happiness, and connection that we create at summer camp […]

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Ep. 48: Common Sense Media with Reid Broudy

Something I always talk about is the parent child relationship. It is so important, especially at this age.  Reid Broudy Reid Broudy is a rising senior who attends Wildwood School in Los Angeles. Reid has been coming to Gold Arrow Camp since 2014 and recently completed the Junior Counselor program. His camp nickname is REX. […]

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The Wisdom of High School Girls

One highlight of my summer has been meeting with our oldest female campers to discuss relationships, goals, and life. These girls have so much wisdom to share with each other and with adults. We meet on the middle Sunday of their two-week camp session. We spend two hours doing activities together and sharing ideas about […]

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Ep. 45: Social Media Wellness with Ana Homayoun

It’s much more than getting you into college. It’s more about asking questions that we don’t ask kids early enough and if we did, it might help them navigate some of the tough parts of being a teen or tween in the US today. -Ana Homayoun In Episode 45, I talk with Ana Homayoun, a […]

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