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Ep. 76: Partnering with Your Child’s Camp Director

One of the things that parents need to recognize is, just like with their school, it needs to be a partnership, and not every day is going to be great. – Audrey Today’s podcast, Episode 76, was recorded live at the American Camp Association National Conference, in Nashville, Tennessee on February 18, 2019. The panel…

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Ep. 75: Begin with the (Parenting) End in Mind

sunshine parenting

In Episode 75, I’m starting a new parenting series with my friend, Sara Kuljis. We’re tentatively titling our series “Encouragements for Parents.” In this first episode, we talk about reframing how we view success for our children and the concept of “beginning with the end in mind.” Big Ideas: There are many different paths to…

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Ep. 74: Why Summer Camp?

why summer camp

Why do parents send their kids to summer camp? Is your kid going to camp this summer? Congratulations! You’re giving them an experience that may have many life-long, positive benefits. You are giving them the opportunity to grow and develop skills and character traits that are often hard to develop in the comforts of home.…

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Ep. 73: Under Pressure with Lisa Damour

Under Pressure Lisa Damour

That was my aim in writing the book-  was both to offer reassurance, and then practical strategies for managing the stress and anxiety that will, invariably, come up. -Lisa Damour In episode 73, I’m chatting with Lisa Damour, the New York Times best-selling author of Untangled- Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood.…

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Ep. 72 What Could Go Wrong?

There comes a time when couples decide to create and raise tiny helpless human beings, hoping they one day become non-tiny and less helpless. Brett Grayson In this episode, I am talking with Brett Grayson, author of What Could Go Wrong?: My Mostly Comedic Journey Through Marriage, Parenting and Depression. Grayson takes on many of the tough issues faced…

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Ep. 71: Growing Your Child’s “Bushy Broccoli Brain”

“The neuroscience is saying that when kids miss these developmental milestones, their brains aren’t as interconnected as they would have been had they been actively participating in a wide variety of activities. They need a full sensory upbringing, not doing too much of any one thing.” -Jenifer Joy Madden In Episode 71, I’m chatting with…

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100 Questions About Summer Camp

Over my three decades as a summer camp director, I’ve been asked thousands of questions about camp from parents, campers, and young adult counselors. Much of my research, writing, podcast topics, and speaking has emerged from these questions. Do you have a question about summer camp? Send me an email message, comment on this post,…

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Ep. 70: Parent on Purpose with Amy Carney

“It is not about creating some outcome for the kids. It’s just about us coming together to figure out what values are really important to us, what type of adult we would like to launch, and how we can help them to get to that place.” Amy Carney In Episode 70, I’m chatting with Amy…

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Live Like Nigel

Yesterday was such a great day, because I spent it doing a few things I really enjoy – connecting with people and listening to music! What do you love to do? Are you making sure you’re taking time to do those things? My husband and I went to Elton John’s “Farewell Tour” concert last night.…

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Ep. 69: 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know

In Episode 69, I’m chatting with Karen Lock Kolp of the We Turned Out Okay website and podcast. We talked for the first time back in Episode 38: We Turned Out Okay with Karen Lock Kolp. Karen is an early childhood development expert and parent coach. On her website and podcast, Karen helps worried and…

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My One Word for 2019: Focus

Focus on what  matters. I love the annual process of thinking about what I want for the coming year and what One Word can be an ongoing focus for me. I also enjoy sharing this activity with my family and hearing what everyone else’s words are. This year our New Year’s Eve One Word reveal…

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