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Ep. 46: #CampKindnessDay with Tom Rosenberg

Camp is a place where we can be very positive and very intentional about teaching kindness and why it matters. -Tom Rosenberg In Episode 46, I chat with Tom Rosenberg, CEO of the American Camp Association about summer camp, accreditation, and #CampKindnessDay (July 24, 2018). Tom’s Bio Tom Rosenberg has a distinguished career in the…

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Ep. 45: Social Media Wellness with Ana Homayoun

It’s much more than getting you into college. It’s more about asking questions that we don’t ask kids early enough and if we did, it might help them navigate some of the tough parts of being a teen or tween in the US today. -Ana Homayoun In Episode 45, I talk with Ana Homayoun, a…

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Ep. 44: #RaisingAthletes with Kirsten Jones

So many times as parents we get caught in our ego about what level my kid should be or how good they are, what team they’re on, and ‘if they’re on this team, it must mean I’m a good parent.’ It has nothing to do with your parenting skills! -Kirsten Jones In this episode of…

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Ep. 43: The Gift of Failure with Jessica Lahey

In Episode 43, I talk with Jessica Lahey, author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed. Jessica is a teacher, writer, and mom. She writes about education, parenting, and child welfare for The Atlantic, and Vermont Public Radio. She is a member of the…

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Ep. 42: Jedi Mom Tricks with Maria Horner, Part 3

“Don’t use the power of your voice, use your feet” -Maria Horner In Episode 42, Maria Horner is back with the final installment of her Jedi Mom Tricks. This is Part 3, the final installment of our series! Listen here if you missed Jedi Mom Tricks (Part 1) and (Part 2)! These Jedi Mom Tricks…

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Ep. 40: Frientimacy with Shasta Nelson

We’re craving those few people who know us and love us no matter what. -Shasta Nelson   In Episode 40, I talk with Shasta Nelson, M.Div. Shasta is a leading expert on friendship. Her spirited and soulful voice for strong female relationships can be found in her books Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health…

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Ep. 39: How to Handle Your Camper’s Homesickness

In Episode 39, Sara Kuljis (of Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp and Emerald Cove Day Camp) and I continue our conversations and advice for parents new to the overnight camp experience. In Episode 37, we talked about how to prepare yourself and your camper for overnight summer camp. In this episode, we talk about preventing homesickness…

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Ep. 38: We Turned Out Okay with Karen Lock Kolp

A lot of what I teach is helping parents understand their children as people. The best way to be happy in your parenting is to recognize that your child is a person and to respect them and expect that respect in return. -Karen Lock Kolp In Episode 38, I have a fun chat with Karen Lock…

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Ep. 37: How to Prepare for Overnight Summer Camp

You can watch us on video if you’d prefer to see our video chat instead of listening to the podcast: In Episode 37, Sara Kuljis (of Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp and Emerald Cove Day Camp), and I share tips and ideas for parents sending kids to overnight camp for the first time. Camp Preparation Topics…

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Ep. 36: Project Me for Busy Mothers with Kelly Pietrangeli

“It soon hit me that all of the best parenting classes in the world are not going to work if you – the mother – are feeling stressed out, unsupported, overwhelmed or aren’t taking care of yourself properly. When some parts of your life are not running smoothly, it has a knock on effect on everything…

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Ep. 35: Unplugging Your Family with Jill Stribling

“It seems like we have a lot more patience as a family for each other.” “We noticed that he started sleeping better. His personality shifted. He wasn’t nervous all the time. He was just that kid that was always active, always moving, always really nervous, and when we removed that piece from the equation, we…

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